About Cursors.io

Cursors.io is one of the io games in the puzzle genre. You can play cursors.io in your free times in order to relieve your mind.

However, it will be worth to note that some stages can be really annoying. You will control your cursor in this Cursors.io game and try to complete the puzzles. As you will complete the stages, you will earn score. Like most of the io games, the score is very important in this game.

It is possible to play the game with various hacks and we believe that you will love this game. Please note that you may have to work in collaboration with other players on the map from time to time. Controlling your cursor may not be enough in some stages. Thus, at these times, you may have to draw figures by using the shift and mouse combination. In case you are looking for a great game to play Cursors.io, you already found it!

Cursors.io Gameplay

How to Play?

All you need to do is control the cursor with your mouse and solve the puzzles. You will draw by holding your shift button and left click.

Tips and Tricks

Keep in mind that you may have to draw from time to time. In this way, you can solve the puzzles and reach the exit.

In case there will be other players on the map, you may have to work in collaboration with them. Some of the stages can only be passed when you collaborate.

As God Mods we offer you Cursors.io unblocked servers. You can download Cursors.io mods from the right section in order to access to Cursors.io private servers of this game.


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