About Lordz.io

Lordz.io is an adventure game where you have to move around the map and find golds to use them on your armies and buildings.

It is fun to play Lordz.io and if you like adventure and strategy games, you must give a try. You will control a character in the game. Players have to move around the map in order to find the gold coins. It is possible to build an army as well as build defensive buildings with the money you find. You will also earn gold when you eliminate your opponents.

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Lordz.io Gameplay

How to Play?

Your character moves automatically and you need to provide directions with your mouse. You have to use some buttons on your keyboard in order to create an army and construct buildings. Lordz.io Players can see all of these buttons on their screen.

Tips and Tricks

You can eliminate opponents with the castles you build. This is why try to build as much castles as you can. In case you will build them close to each other then you have more chance to kill your opponents.

You need to walk around the map and find gold. You may encounter with your opponents while moving around. This is why spawn as many soldiers as you can. In this way, you will both provide protection for yourself and attack much better.

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4 thoughts on “Lordz.io”

6 years ago

how to hack you lie very lie

5 years ago

Tana Pawarinpong wee will add that soon

4 years ago

em how download this mod I dont see button download or whats

Wealth Rose

1 year ago

Hello, I wish to download/use mods on Lordz.io. Can someone assist me with the installation of unlimited gold and speed boosts? I use google chrome and have already downloaded Tampermonkey, however, I’m stuck on finding what specific scrips to use. I would highly appreciate your answers, thanks!

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