About Diep.io

Diep.io is one of the best io games that you can play where you will compete with other players.

Like all of the other io games, this game is also online. This means that you will compete with real players. The goal of every player is to reach the highest score on the map. You can play diep.io through our website or you can prefer to download diep.io mods by checking them from the right section.

You will control a ball which has a cannon on it. As you will destroy your opponents and figures on the map, you will grow in size. You are able to have multiple cannons as you grow bigger and shoot balls from them. There are no bullets in the game but balls. There are various private servers as well and we have shared their links on the right sidebar.

Like all of the io games, you have to master in this game in order to have the highest scores. Since you will be playing against real opponents, you may have to adopt a good strategy. You can find some tips and tricks in the following. You can also find the controls of the game in the second heading. In the event that you are looking for a game in which you will have plenty of time, then you can freely prefer diep.io! This game is highly addictive and it will not be easy for you to give up playing. You will master your skills when you get used to playing the game.

Diep.io Gameplay

How to Play?

You need to use your arrow keys in order to provide direction to your ball. You can use the left click of your mouse to shoot balls. You can also hold the button to rapidly shoot.

Tips and Tricks

It will be good for you to benefit from the protection of the figures on the map. In case you will see a greater opponent getting closer to you, use them. In this way, they will shoot to the figures. Because your enemies will be larger than you, you can easily maneuver between these figures and get rid of them.

Try to spend time next to the borders of the map. In this way, you can safely farm the geometric figures and increase your health regeneration and grow faster.

Once you will reach enough size, you may want to hang out in the middle of the map. In this way, you will always find other larger opponents to take down. This will increase your score faster than everything.

Always shoot! Yes, you heard it right. You will not receive any penalty because of shooting all the time. However, you can hit your enemies which you cannot see. You can take the advantage of various mods for zoom hack as well.

Try to avoid larger enemies since you can turn very fast in this game. They can turn and shoot you with their plenty of cannons to kill you within seconds.

As god mod, we offer you the top quality unblocked diep.io servers. You can also find the list of diep.io mods with various diep.io hacks on the right sidebar.

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