About Yorg.io

Yorg.io is a fun strategy game which you can be sure that you have never played such an io game before.

In case you like to play strategy games in your free times then you can play Yorg.io whenever you want. You will be playing the game alone, however, your main base will be attacked by the zombies at regular intervals. Players have to build a base for themselves in order to start the game. After that, you have to collect sources and build other buildings in order to defend your base against the zombies. It is possible to read the description of the buildings by bringing your mouse cursor on them. It may be a good idea to read all of them before you start the game.

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How to Play?

You are going to use your mouse in order to make the selections and placements. In addition to this, you have to hold your finger on the left click of your mouse. You do this to check the different areas on the map.

Tips and Tricks

It is very important for you to defend your main base as well as other building that you have built so far. In case they will be destroyed during the zombie attack then you have to build them again and this will cost you.

This is a typical strategy game where you have to develop your own strategy to win. This is why we do not want to share lots of information on the gameplay. You can easily get the game by playing it for ten or fifteen minutes.

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