About Zombiecraft.io

Zombiecraft.io is a zombie game where you are going to play in an open world and avoid from zombies while trying to survive.

Those who like to play survival and zombie games can play Zombiecraft.io in their free times. Also the game has block-shaped pixel graphics and offers you adventure on village covered with woods. You are going to encounter with zombies and try to kill them. You also have to collect materials which will support your efforts to survive. The game has an only single player mode for now.

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How to Play?

You can look around with the help of your mouse and shoot with the left click of your mouse. Players can jump with the spacebar and run with the Shift key. You can also collect goods on the floor with F key.

Tips and Tricks

You will start in the middle of the forest. In case you will follow the road in front of you, you will reach to the village. Keep in mind that there are zombies in the game and they may sneakily get closer to you. Always be careful.

You can find different weapons to use in order to kill the zombies. You can find the status of your character from the left bottom of your screen. Always have an eye on them in order to make sure that you are going to survive this zombie invasion.

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