About Wanderers.io

Wanderers.io is a strategy game where you are trying to build a civilization with your small tribe by gathering sources.

In case you like strategy games then you can play Wanderers.io in your free times. In fact, this is not a pure strategy since you will be always in contact with your environment. Players have villagers which work automatically. You need to pay attention to your environment in order to gather sources and make improvements. You will be also competing with other players on the map.

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How to Play?

Everything in this game is carried out automatically. This is why you only need your mouse for the controls. You can select with the left click of your mouse and drag your character.

Tips and Tricks

In this game, you are going to create a community with your tribe. You are the chef of this community and your villagers work for you. They reach according to their environments. For instance, in case you need some woods, then you should bring your chef close to a tree.

You will try to gather sources and build things. You can improve every detail you own in the game. The game has pixel graphics which makes it much more fun to play. It will be good for you to read the tutorial in order to understand the mechanism of the game.

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