About Vili.io

Vili.io is a typical io game where you are going to control a spinner and try to eliminate your opponents.

In case you like to play io games then you can play Vili.io in your free times. You are going to control a spinner in this game and your goal is to spin faster. In order to spin faster, you have to collect the orbs on the map and increase your score. In addition to this, it is possible for you to find some power-ups in the form of 1k points and 500 points. It is advisable to collect these power-ups which can highly affect your ranking in the game. You should hit with other spinners who are turning slower than you in order to eliminate and damage them.

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How to Play?

You are going to control your spinner with the help of your mouse. In addition to this, it is possible to throw things to your opponents by pressing the F key once you reach to enough turning speed.

Tips and Tricks

There are power-ups located on the map. Instead of chasing your opponents and collecting the orbs on the map, you may want to find these power-ups. They can help you to improve your turning speed a lot easier.

You should not follow other players to eliminate until you reach a million scores. In this way, you will both save time and kill most of the opponents you encounter on the map. You should try to improve yourself all the time until you reach that limit.

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