About Swordz.io

Swordz.io is a fun game where you are going to control a character with a sword and try to eliminate your opponents.

You can play Swordz.io if you like to play addictive and fun games. We bet you will not realize how fast the time will pass while playing this game. You are going to control a character with a sword. Players need to swing their swords in order to eliminate other players and bots on the map. There is also a leveling concept which will lead you to do more damage.

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How to Play?

You only need your mouse in order to provide direction to your character. In addition to this, you can swing your sword by clicking the left button of your mouse.

Tips and Tricks

You can have quite fun in this game. Players are going to control a character which looks like a ball and has a sword in his hands. You need to swing this sword and hit your opponents in order to eliminate them. There are some bots on the map as well. Thus, you can farm them.

Be sure that you keep your sword on your back because you swing it in the opposite direction. There is an animation period for the swing of the sword. Thus you have to make the calculations well. Otherwise, your opponents will easily eliminate you.

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