About Shovel.ac

Shovel.ac is a type of io game where you are going to drive vehicles and throw balls at each other in order to eliminate players.

If you are looking for a game to spend some time then you can play Shovel.ac. We believe that you will have a good time while playing the game. You are going to drive a car with a shovel and try to shoot balls to your opponents. Each player you kill will provide you one score.

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How to Play?

Your vehicles move automatically and you need to provide direction with the mouse. You can shoot a ball with the left click of your mouse. You can also create a ball that grows in size in time with the spacebar.

Tips and Tricks

As far as we experienced, it is not logical to use the spacebar unless your opponent is standing still. Otherwise, you can easily miss the enemy and waste your time. In addition to this, you can spam your balls to eliminate your opponents.

There are some trees on the map as well. You can hide your vehicle in them and use the growing ball to shoot as well. It is possible to prepare a trap thanks to these trees. This is why we highly advise you to take the advantage of these while playing the game.

As godmods we offer Shovel.ac unblocked servers to our visitors. It is possible for you to play the Shovel.ac game with Shovel.ac hacks by downloading Shovel.ac mods to your browser.


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