About Popsplit.us

Popsplit.us is a skill game which is very similar to the agar.io game but has slightly different mechanics.

Those who are looking for an addictive game can play Popsplit.us in their free times. You are going to control a ball which can be divided into pieces in this game. Each player starts with a great mass and as you increase your mass, you will start to move slower. This is why you should divide yourself into pieces and chase your opponents to eliminate them by swallowing them. It is quite fun game to play in your free times.

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How to Play?

Players have to provide directions to their balls with the help of their mouse. In addition to this, you can divide into pieces by pressing the left click of your mouse or spacebar.

Tips and Tricks

List most of the other io games, you should avoid from your bigger opponents. But it will be good for you to stay with them. Because you have to divide your ball into pieces in order to eliminate your opponents by catching them.

When your bigger opponents do such a mistake, you can get them easily. Whenever a player will be divided, it will have two different balls with the half of its past mass. It is also possible to see their mass by looking their balls. It is written in the middle.

As godmods we provide Popsplit.us mods to our visitors. It is possible for you to play the Popsplit.us game with Popsplit.us hacks by playing it on Popsplit.us unblocked servers.


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