About Petridish.pw

Petridish.pw is a skill game where you need to collect the stars on the map in order to increase your mass.

If you enjoy playing skill games then you can play Petridish.pw whenever you want. In fact, this game is very similar to agar.io. It has the same concept with some tweaks. Instead of the balls, you are going to control stars in this game. The movement penalty for getting bigger is much more in this game. This is why it will be good for you to split yourself and move faster in order to hunt down your opponents and eliminate them.

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How to Play?

You are going to provide directions to your ball with the WASD keys. In addition to this, it is possible to split up with the space bar.

Tips and Tricks

You have to collect the stars on the map in order to increase your size. In addition to this, bigger players are able to eat smaller players. This is why it will be good for you to be careful when you are the bigger players.

Keep in mind that you can always split up into two by pressing the spacebar. Bigger players cover up more space but they also move slower. This is why you may want to split up into small pieces in order to move faster and swallow more opponents.

As godmods we offer Petridish.pw unblocked servers to our visitors. Thus, you can download Petridish.pw mods and play the Petridish.pw game with different Petridish.pw hacks.

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