About Mope.io

Mope.io is a game with evolving concept. You will pick a creature then try to grow in size and earn experience to evolve soon.

When you play Mope.io, you will realize that it is quite fun! You will control a character and try to earn experience to evolve. Once you will fulfill your experience bar, you will be given at least two choices. You can pick any of these in order to evolve into a new creature. Every player on the map will try to do the same.

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Mope.io Gameplay

How to Play?

You can control your creature with the help of the left click of your mouse. You can also use the right button of the mouse to dash to avoid your enemies.

Tips and Tricks

There will be greater foods on the map for larger creatures. You can take the advantage of these and prevent enemy attacks. Players can use them as a cover. Since you need to evolve fast, it will be a good idea to collect as much as food as you can.

In this game, the bigger creature can eliminate the smaller creatures. It will be logical to avoid other animals to survive longer. When you eliminate other opponents, you can collect the foods they remain in their place. It will be possible to grow faster by killing other players and collecting their food.

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