About Mobsmash.io

Mobsmash.io is a game with an interesting and unique concept which we believe you are going to love it.

If you like to play interesting games then you can play Mobsmash.io in your free times. You are going to control a group of man and try to kill the animals in the forest. Animals also hang out in groups and they will be attacking you when you get close to them. You do not have to do anything else because your group will be attacking automatically. You have to kill animal groups and increase your score. A new member will join your group as you keep killing the animals and other players. Make sure that you do not start a battle with other players unless you are ready.

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How to Play?

You are going to use your mouse in order to move in this game. Players need to hold their finger on the left click of their mouse in order to move. You can use the right click of your mouse when your skill is ready.

Tips and Tricks

During the early game, you may want to find animal groups which are not as crowded as others however we do not recommend this. Attack any animal group you see, in this way, you can improve your group faster.

In case you find a water source then it may be a good idea to hang out in there because most of the animal groups always come these areas. But keep in mind that it is highly possible that you may encounter other players’ groups.

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