About Gzone.pro

Gzone.pro is a racing game where you are going to drive Formula 1 vehicles while racing with other players online.

Those who like to play racing games can play Gzone.pro in their free times. This game will especially appeal to Formula 1 lovers. There are various maps on the game to play which will prevent you to get bored. In addition to this, the real-life mechanics are reflected very well. In case you will accelerate while trying to turn, your vehicle will spin. This is why you have to be really careful while doing such moves.

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How to Play?

Players can accelerate with the up arrow key on their keyboard. You can steer left and right with the arrow keys and use handbrake with the spacebar.

Tips and Tricks

There are different tracks that you can prefer to play in the game. The tracks will change each time you complete a race. Keep in mind that you will be racing with other online players, thus you have to be really careful.

The graphics of the game is not that much bad when compared to other browser games. However, it may take time to learn the tracks. You have to know the track very well in order to have a chance to win it but you will get them quickly as you play.

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