About Generals.io

Generals.io is a strategy game which has minimum graphics where you play on the tiles.

Those who like to play strategy games can play Generals.io in their free times. There are no graphics in this game. In fact, there is, however, it is very limited. You also have simple controls where you only need to use your mouse to move. You need to locate your opponent and attack him with your army to win the game.

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How to Play?

All you need to use is your mouse in order to make your moves. But you can also move with WASD keys after you choose your target with the left click of your mouse.

How to Play?

You are going to have a certain number on your character. This is the amount of your army and it is possible to move with it on the map. You can either move with the entire army or leave some proportion of them in any tile.

You have to locate your enemy and then attack to capture him or her. Once you will capture the main tile of the enemy, you are going to win the game. You have to click for few times with the left click of your mouse in order to set the percentage of the army you will leave behind.

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