Feudal Wars

Feudal Wars

About Feudal Wars

Feudal Wars is a strategy game where you are going to play online against other players.

In case you used to love Age of Empires then you should play Feudal Wars in your free times. Those who have played the Age of Empires will get used to the game very easily. In case you have not played it before, let us explain the game briefly. You are going to manage a kingdom which has one castle at the beginning of the game. You should gather resources, build new buildings in order to train new units and attack your enemies to destroy them. This game is a pure strategy game which we believe that you are going to love it.

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How to Play?

You will be using your mouse in order to make selections and give orders. There are some hotkeys as well where you can see them on your screen.

Tips and Tricks

You have just one goal which is eliminating your opponents. In order to do so, you need a large army. You are going to take the control of the empire you choose and be the source of fear for your opponents.

It will be good to check out the entire map before you attack any of your opponents. It will be a good idea to take the advantage of the information you have gathered while playing. Try to train as many units as you can in order to win the game.

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