About Drillin.io

Drillin.io is a kind of snake game where you need to eliminate other players and try to get bigger.

In case you like typical io games then you can play Drillin.io in your free times. You are going to control a snake which is made of squares that follow each other. Your goal is to eliminate the most opponents and achieve the highest score on the map. Your head is larger than any part of your body and it is also the strongest section of your body. Players can eat the tails of other snakes which can help you to earn more score in a short time. In addition to these, you will be earning score even you just slither.io on the map. However, you need to be really careful since you may be trapped among the bigger snakes and can be easily eliminated.

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How to Play?

Your snake will move automatically once you press the W key. You can provide directions to your snake with the A and D keys and you can stop it by pressing the S key.

Tips and Tricks

In case you have just begun playing then you need to search for the bigger snakes. They usually do not care the smaller opponents and you can take the advantage of this. You have to try to eat their tail for a score.

We don’t believe that you are going to have hard times in terms of the controls. You can easily adapt yourself to the controls and start eliminating your opponents. You must hit your opponents with your head to eat that parts of your opponents.

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