About Doomed2.io

Doomed2.io is a survival game where you have to survive despite the nature and other players on the map.

Those who like to play survival games can play Doomed2.io in their free times. We believe that you will like to play this game a lot. Like most of the other io survival game, the game progress very slowly and it totally depends on your choices. You have to collect sources and create a safe area for your character. Not only the monsters on the map will attack you but also other players will try to kill you as well. In fact, these kinds of games can be considered as strategy genre too because your future in the game depends on your choices.

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How to Play?

You have to use the WASD keys on your keyboard in order to provide directions to your character. You can use the left click of your mouse in order to attack. Player can use the items at your hands or make selections.

Tips and Tricks

You have to figure out what you need to do. And we are not going to share this information with you in here. But let us give you a hint, try to collect all sources you see until you figure out what you need to do with them.

In case you will see areas covered with goods then it may be a better idea to remember that location. You can go back there again after you improve yourself. You have to be really careful in this game. Otherwise, you can easily lose the game and have to start from the beginning.

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