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Devast io is an excellent strategy game. The game cleverly uses your survival skills. Improve your brain power with some strategies.

Those who like strategy games can play a game of Devast in free times. You will control your character around the forest. You should create tools and weapon. Produce your own food, collect fruits or meat to eat. But, make sure that, you have time for all these. You are going to do at the start of the game is to gather a few pieces of wood. In case you want to discover game then you can check out wiki.  

Also, you will get some stone and other resources in order to make a Crafting Table. You should provide the resources needed for stone mining and take any natural food and animal products. You can find Devast io mods and Devast.io aimbot on our page.

How to Play?

You have to provide directions for your character with WASD keys or arrow keys. Use your Mouse left click for hitting. M key for the map. Shift key for speed up. C key for craft and your skills.

Tips and Tricks

It could be better cook your meat you get from dead animals and throw away any other material as they are of no use the early game and clog up your stock. Don’t forget to light up a fire to warm up for the night. You must beware of radiation, so watch where you hang around otherwise it might kill you. Players can play Devast.io hacks. Thus, you can get unlock new skills. In addition to that, you should have a base. Invest all your points into useful items such as the research bench, stone walls or metal tools.

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