About DeathCar.io

DeathCar.io is an io game which is similar to old-school game Armageddon and you will try to eliminate other cars while playing the game.

If you like car battles, then you can play DeathCar.io in your free times. You will control a car and your goal is to speed up and hit your opponents. If you will hit them fast enough, you can destroy the cars. However, usually, you have to hit more than once to any car in order to destroy them.

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DeathCar.io Gameplay

How to Play?

Your vehicle moves automatically and you can use the left click of your mouse to use nitro. You can brake with the right click of the mouse.

Tips and Tricks

You have limited nitro. Thus, be sure that you will use it wisely. When you drive regularly your nitro bar will start to increase again where you can use it again. You can see the map on the screen and the position of the players. Always play by checking the minimap on your screen.

You can use the nitro when you are driving from one edge to another edge. If you will hit cars with high speed you can damage them. The more cars you will eliminate the bigger you will get with your car. Stop using nitro while turning to save some.

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