About is a skill game which is very similar to You are going to grow in size and swallow your enemies.

In case you like the typical io game concept then you can play in your free times. This game is very similar to with a pure white background. This is a problem because it prevents you to play the game for a long time by tiring your eyes. In case you are addicted to such games then you may want to prefer this game. This naturally prevents you from playing more. You are going to grow in size and swallow your enemies, that’s it.

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How to Play?

Players should provide directions to their balls with the help of their mouse. In addition to this, you can split yourself with the help of the spacebar.

Tips and Tricks

In fact, in case you are an io game player, we do not have too much to tell you. You are going to collect the smaller balls on the map in order to increase your size. After that, you chase smaller players to swallow them.

Whenever you swallow a player, you will receive all of its points and grow your size very fast. This is why it will be good for you to chase your opponents. Keep in mind that you will move slower as you grow in size.

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