Blocker Game

Blocker Game

About Blocker Game

Blocker Game is an adventure game where you will play in teams. There will be 5 teams, you have to choose your side and defeat your opponents.

If you like adventure games then you can play Blocker Game. You will be a warrior where you need to defeat your opponents and conquer the towers in the game. When you conquer a tower, you will have an access to the shop. You earn golds by killing your opponents and spend your money to buy better equipment.

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Blocker Game Gameplay

How to Play?

Players have to move with their WASD keys. Moreover, each character has a sword and you can swing your sword to attack with the spacebar. You can also use the left click of the mouse to attack. If you hold these buttons, you will attack continuously.

Tips and Tricks

You will not earn points by conquering enemy towers. Blocker Game Players can conquer other towers by attacking them. However, you need to hold the flag of your team to do so. When you kill monsters and opponents you can earn crates where you have to attack them. Each crate has gold in it.

Try to collect 5 gold at the beginning of the game. Then buy the sword with life steal where you can farm monsters in order to increase your low hp. You can also ride animals in the game, try to find monsters that look like a bird to ride them.

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