About Bloble.io

Bloble.io is a strategy game where you have to defend your base by building buildings around it.

In case you enjoy playing strategy games then you can play Bloble.io whenever you want. In this game, you will be randomly placed on the map. There will be your opponents around you. They spawn shapes to send you in certain periods. Your goal is to survive the attacks of your opponents. You have seven different types of buildings to build but have a limited space.

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How to Play?

It is possible for you to move around the map with WASD keys. In addition to this, you will use your mouse in order to place your defensive and other buildings.

Tips and Tricks

This is one of the fun strategy games however it may take some time to understand the logic of the game. You will be given a large ball which has a limited space around it. You will earn score automatically in every second and you need to use these scores to build buildings.

Every certain period, your enemies will spawn figures to send you. You are going to do the same. Your goal is to defend your base. This is why you need to place seven different buildings logically to benefit from your field as much as possible.

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