PLAY CrazyGalaxies.io

CrazyGalaxies.io is a new io game which you don’t just exist within a galaxy but you can be the galaxy.

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You should eat other galaxies to become larger and dominate all the universe! Why fear the void when you could become the void? In this cosmic adventure, you’ll be tasked with going into the void and becoming the void. Suck up asteroids and smaller planetary bodies in an attempt to gain more mass. Use that mass to become more powerful. There is a difference in the effect of every piece of cosmic debris or celestial body you eat. The effects of an asteroid are different than the effects of a star. The more you eat the more powerful you will become and the more powerful you become the more likely you are to trigger the big bang. This will occur when all players have devoured all of the surrounding star systems. additionally, this is an arena game. You live you win, you die you lose. It is fair but no less cruel.

Click your CrazyGalaxies.io. And drag.

Use the “space” button to speed up!

Eat red asteroids to get “speed up” skill.

Eat stars to get larger.

This is a “battle royale”. if you die, you can not enter again!

Eat all galaxies to see “Big Bang”!