About is a space themed game with the io games concept.

You can easily play by getting used to it within minutes. Players will be in the space where you can eliminate other players, evolve and improve your ship. You can also gather sources in order to increase your score as fast as you can.

There are various unblocked servers for this game. These are called private servers and they offer you various more features which are not included in the original game. Keep in mind that you will play in teams in this game. There is the red and blue team. You can either choose any of them or let the game randomly place you any of these teams.

If you are looking for a simple game with high competition and cooperation, then you already found it! Have a good time while playing it! Gameplay

How to Play

You can control your spaceship with arrow keys. You can use your left click in order to shoot the opposite team.

Tips and Tricks

Since this game requires team play, you need to pay attention to your position. Try to stay with your team to provide maximum protection.

Usually, other teams bait newbie players with a single player. Do not blindly chase enemies with the hope to eliminate them. In general, you will be the food for the entire team.

Once you start playing you can see which team is better within minutes. Then you can refresh the page and start the game again. You can prefer the better team for more fun or you can prefer the losing team for more challenge.


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