About is a skill game which you will compete with other players on the map. You will control a triangle in this game and shoot to eliminate your opponents.

If you play, you will see how addictive it is. In this game, you will control a triangle which can shoot. You have to shoot your opponents to eliminate them. As you can guess, you will earn score by doing so. Like all of the other io games, your goal is to collect as much score as you can. Moreover, there are various upgrades which you can choose. You will have these by exchanging your score.

There are some private servers which you can play the game with hacks. In case, you wonder these servers, you can find the list of them in the right section. You can download these mods and access to hacks which are in fact, new features in the game.

How to Play?

You can move with WASD keys. You need to shoot with the left click of your mouse. There are various upgrades you can choose with the numbers on your keyboard.

Tips and Tricks

Always shoot even you do not see any enemies. The range of your bullets is longer than the area you see. In this way, you can kill players when you do not see them or they do not see you.

You should determine your strategy and choose your upgrades in line with that. Therefore, there are dozens of different tactics that you can adopt. Please note that you will lose your score when you upgrade any of part of your triangle.

As GodMods we provide the list of the unblocked servers to our visitors. You can download mods from this list. And thus, access to various hacks which can make the game funnier.


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