About Superhex.io

Superhex.io is a board game where you will have to claim lands for yourself and increase your score in this manner.

You can play Superhex.io in your free times to get rid of the stress. The game consists of hexagons and you will have to travel a certain distance and come back to your land to claim a lang. The longer you will travel, the more land you can claim. However, keep in mind that you can lose the game when any of your opponents will cross the line you left behind.

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Superhex.io Gameplay

How to Play?

All you need to do is provide direction to your small hexagon with the help of the cursor of your mouse.

Tips and Tricks

This is a Superhex.io game where you will have to claim lands for yourself. Moreover, you can claim the lands of other players by fulfilling the required task. This is why, it is not logical to play close to other players at the beginning.

Each player lefts a mark behind of his character. When you will cross this line, that player will lose the game. The same rule applies to you. In case someone will cross your line before you reach back to your land, you will be eliminated as well. Moreover, you will start to develop your own strategy as you get used to the game by playing it.

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Superhex.io Scr1pt Mod

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