About Stabby.io

Stabby.io is an interesting game where you need to kill other players by stabbing them but there will be also lots of bots.

Those who like interesting games can play Stabby.io in their free times. In this game, you will find many bots and every player looks same to each other. You will earn score by stabbing other players. Of course, you will earn more score in case you will stab the real players.

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How to Play?

You need to use the left click of your mouse to walk. You have to choose the destination you want to reach and your character will move automatically. Players can stab with the right click of their mouse.

Tips and Tricks

There will be many bots on the map. You will earn score when you stab them however it is possible to earn more score by stabbing real players. But it is almost impossible to find them since everyone in the game wears the same outfit and looks same.

It will take 50 stamina to kill your opponents during the daylight. You will only spend 25 stamina when it is the night. You can see the time left for the daylight or night from the left top of your screen. Try to mimic the movements of the bots and locate real players when they stab someone.

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