About N00b.io

N00b.io is a shooter game which has block-shaped pixel graphics and fun to play.

Those who like to play shooter games can play N00b.io in their free times. You are going to choose your character at the beginning of the game and start playing on the map. Players will be alone on this map and they will try to kill each other with grenades and weapons. You can also climb to the top of the buildings. We highly suggest shotgun for easy kills.

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How to Play?

You can move with the WASD keys. In addition to this, you can look around with the help of your mouse and shoot with the left click of your mouse. Players have to press Shift in order to run. You can also swap your weapons with the numbers on your keyboard. You can loot with the F key.

Tips and Tricks

Every player is alone in this game. Also you will be randomly placed anywhere on the map with limited ammo and weapons. You have to kill other players and collect the loot of them. Each time you will kill a player, you will earn a score.

Whenever you will die, your score will be deleted as well. Like most of the io games, your goal is to collect the most score on the map. But since the servers are really crowded, you need to be really careful in order to increase your score.

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