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AngryBirds Mod by fixola

AngryBirds Mod by fixola Mod hacks the game and adds the game bots in Angrybirds Mod. This feature is a lot of fun and extremely cool to play with if you are a big fan of AngryBirds Mod allow you to access new features in game.

These mods allow players to access unblocked servers and they are downloadable to any browsers. Keep in mind that they are not the original servers but private servers. However you can be sure that these mods are as crowded as original servers.

How to Download & Install AngryBirds Mod

  1. Install Tampermonkey Userscript Manager on your browser: Click here for tutorial

  1. Download & Install AngryBirds Mod

Attention: None of the mods and this AngryBirds Mod published on our pages belong to our website. Due to the nature of the mods, they are developed by independent developers and published on the internet. As God Mods we compile the most popular mods on a single page for any io game. We do not accept any responsibility for any possible unwanted conditions due to the use or download of these mods. Users should download these at their own risks and we never store any part of these mods in our databases.

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