About LittleBigSnake

LittleBigSnake is a skill game which is very similar to but has 3D graphics.

In case you like skill games then you can play LittleBigSnake in your free times. The game has the same concept with one of the famous io games, You will control a snake in this game and try to eliminate your opponents, by letting them hit you with their heads.

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How to Play?

Your snake will move automatically and you will provide directions to your snake with your mouse cursor. It is possible to speed up with the left click of your mouse as well.

Tips and Tricks

First of all, you need to know that this game has a huge map. This is why do not try to hang around the corners. In this way, you will only trap yourself and let other players eliminate you. Moreover, whenever you hit any snake with your head, you will lose the game. You can slither on your body without any problem.

You can see your boost bar at the bottom of the screen. It will be better for you to keep it for bigger enemies. When you see someone speeding up and in case you can locate his or her head, then use your speed boost. In this way, you can force them to hit you with your head.

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