About Hangs.zone

Hangs.zone is a word guessing game which has the hanging man concept.

Those who like to play fun games can play Hangs.zone in their free times. Basically, you are going to play hanging man in this game. You will be given a word with one clue and then try to guess the word by choosing the letters on your screen. It is also possible to receive a hint, however, this is a limited option. This means that you are not allowed to receive it. In case you will be unable to guess the word, you are going to lose the game.

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How to Play?

All you have to do is use your mouse. You can make the selections with the left click of your mouse. It is also possible to type the letters with the keys on your keyboard.

Tips and Tricks

There is nothing much that we can say about this game. Probably, all of you have played this game before when you were a kid. The game has many different words in its database and you will not face the same words although you may play it for days.

Each time you have to guess, you will be given a clue about the word. If this is not enough for you then you can also receive a hint in order to guess the word but it is not possible for you to use it all the time. So, let’s see whether you can guess the words or not before you hang the man.

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