About Firehungry.online

Firehungry.online is one of the unique games where you are going to rapidly fire in order to eliminate your opponents.

In the event that you like to play games with fast-paced then you can play Firehungry.online in your free times. Players are going to choose one of the skins at the beginning of the game and then start playing. You have to shoot all the time in order to eliminate your opponents. Needless to say, you need to move all the time as well in order to avoid enemy fires. It is possible for you to see your current status from the right top of the screen. In case your health will reach to zero you are going to be eliminated and have to start from the beginning. You can collect the hearts on the map to increase your health a little bit.

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How to Play?

You will be providing directions to your character with the help of your mouse. In addition to this, it is possible to shoot with the left click of your mouse. In case you will hold your finger on the button, you will rapidly fire.

Tips and Tricks

This game is great for those who love the chaos. There is nothing much that we can say. You have to develop your own strategy in order to win the game but you can be sure that you have to fire all the time. Just randomly fire, you will hit one of your opponents.

The distance of your bullets is quite high, this is why you can eliminate players even you do not see them. In the same way, you can be eliminated by the bullets of your opponents although you do not see them.

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