About Egres.io

Egres.io is a skill game where you need to reach the exit door with the ball you control.

Those who like to play skill games can play Egres.io in their free times. This is a skill game where you should bring the ball you control to the exit door in order to complete the stages. The game consists of various stages and it is not possible to play the next stage without completing the previous one. The first stages are easy but the game will be more difficult as you progress.

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How to Play?

All you need is your mouse. You will provide directions with your mouse and may activate some doors with the left click of your mouse.

Tips and Tricks

This is a pure skill game where you need to bring the ball to the exit door. Moreover you are going to control a ball and try to reach to the circle which will allow you to complete the stage. But as you can guess, it is not easy as it sounds.

You should avoid touching red areas. In case you will touch them, you will have to start from the beginning. In addition to this, there are some obstacles in the game which will not allow you to pass. You have to find the triangle with the same color with them in order to eliminate them.

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Egres.io Hax Mod
Egres.io Hax Mod

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