About CaptureFlag.io

CaptureFlag.io is a fast-paced strategic capture the flag game!

Access to all CaptureFlag.io hacks and unblocked CaptureFlag.io mods on godmods.com. Free to Play CaptureFlag.io on godmods!. We advise you to visit godmods.com from time to time, because new hacks and mods or aimbots might be released for unblocked CaptureFlag.io. With up to five players per team, you must work together to help your teammates bring the flag back to your base. Bump into enemies to knock them away, and don’t let enemies touch the flag carrier or else they’ll be reset! You can also use your boost power-up to have more power while knocking into enemies. The faster you’re going when you boost, the more effect the boost will have!

CaptureFlag.io Controls:

WASD/Arrows to move your player. Press Space to temporarily boost your speed every 10 seconds.

CaptureFlag.io Community:

Normal players can also contribute towards the game! On the main menu, select ‘Submit Your Own Map!’ and get building on your dream map! Once done, scroll to the bottom and hit ‘Send Map’. All maps are tested, and if it is deemed useable you’ll be notified and it will be used in the game! You can also join our Discord server and let us know about any features you want. We are very active on improving and fixing the game, so new updates are released multiple times a week.

Play CaptureFlag.io with Unblocked Aimbot, Mods and Hacks features. Also You can download All CaptureFlag.io Aimbot, scripts, hacks and all mods on godmods.com

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