About Braains.io

Braains.io is a zombie game where each round one player will be the zombie and try to convert others with the help of the players he or she infects.

You can play Braains.io in your free times. This game required teamplay with the other players on the map. In case you will be a good team together, you can save yourself from being infected. But in case somehow you will be infected, then you have to infect other players by touching them.

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Braains.io Gameplay

How to Play?

Players can move with WASD keys. You need to use the left click of the mouse to activate your abilities. All you need to do is walk on the items to pick them up and you can drop them with G button.

Tips and Tricks

Although the game seems like you are playing alone, teamwork is a must. In case you will not play together with the players on the map, you will be the first one to convert into a zombie. You can also move furniture to keep yourself safe.

There are different mods in this Braains.io game. But regardless of which mod you are going to play, you need to take the advantage of the items on the map. Each round one player will be the zombie and you need to avoid the players who are infected.

As godmods we offer Braains.io mods to our players. Thus you can play on Braains.io unblocked servers where you can take the advantage of Braains.io hacks.


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